Core Values

ZNWL will be guided in its operation by the following core values of:

  1. Gender sensitivity: ZNWL actively supports women and men to having equal opportunities to participating in decision making processes at all levels
  2. Non-partisanship: ZNWL is committed to working with all political parties without being Impartial or aligning itself to any one particular political party
  3. Transparency and accountability: ZNWL is Open to objective public scrutiny and iscommitted to prudent management of resources in its care;
  4. Team work and excellence: ZNWL promotes the contributions of each member of the organisation that fosters the attainment of the vision.
  5. Integrity: ZNWL will promote honesty and Integrity at both individual and institutional levels.
  6. Commitment to Collaboration and Partnership: ZNWL collaborates with other members of CSOs, government, partners, communities, men, political parties, women and girls. We value different perspectives, ideas, experience and knowledge that other collaborators have which may be beneficial to our cause.
  7. Passion for leadership

We are passionate about and focused on the opportunities that leadership provides for the women, girls and community development

  1. Respect for human dignity; The ZNWL will endeavour to treat every human being with compassion and respect