Men Engage Zambia conducts “Sitting Room Party”

By Golden Nachibinga

Men Engage Zambia, a consortium of ten organisations that promote gender equality through the engagement of men and boys has embarked on a mentorship and counselling programme for young people preparing to get married. The event is called “Men and Boys Sitting Room Party”. This is in realisation that while most young women are counselled for marriage through kitchen parties and other events, the young men usually do not have such an opportunity.


On the right are some of the mentors for the prospective husbands during the sitting room party held at NYDC, Kaunda square in Lusaka.

During the event Men and Boys are counselled by elderly men and women on various issues relating to relationships and marriages, gender based violence and other challenges that lead to breaking up of marriages and families.

The topics covered in the sessions include; communication, sex and money. The emphasis is on encouraging couples to engage in effective communication in marriage, how to handle sexual matters including remaining faithful to one sexual partner as well as the importance of earning an income to support their spouses and families, and being accountable and transparent in the use of the funds.

The “Sitting room party”, gives an opportunity to boys and young men to know what is involved in marriage and ensure they became responsible men in the society. This is a way of contributing to the reduction in the number of GBV cases, early marriages, defilements, teenage pregnancies and other related negative social vices in communities.

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