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The vision of ZNWL is A nation with women and girls fully present in leadership roles and actively involved in decision making processes.
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Zambia National Women’s Lobby deployed monitors in various parts of the country to monitor the 2016 election from a gender perspective. We are therefore pleased to share with the citizens of Zambia a preliminary statement of our observations.


We are pleased to note that many women turned out to exercise their right to vote. This was important as women form a significant percentage of the registered voters. It was also pleasing to witness a high turnout of youth who were possibly first time voters. READ MORE…


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Zambia Goes to Polls

imagesZambia today goes to the polls to elect the country’s 7th president in a historic election which is being held under an amended constitution. In this election the winner will have to amass 50% plus one to avoid a re-run. In addition to electing members of parliament and councilors, Zambans will for the first time also elect the mayors and council chair persons. The 2016 election is also being held along side the referendum on the bill of rights.

Only one woman,  Edith Z Nawakwi is contesting the presidency. A total of 106 women from different political parties are contesting the parliamentary election with only 36 women contesting in the mayoral election. A total of 425 women are aspiring for election as councilors

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Membership to the Zambia National Women’s Lobby is open to all women and gender sensitive men committed to Lobby and Advocate for Equal representation of women and girls in decision making positions at all levels. All you have to do is complete a membership form available at the secretariat on 7 Njoka road Olympia Park and pay a one-off subscription fee of ZMW 10.

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