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The vision of ZNWL is A nation with women and girls fully present in leadership roles and actively involved in decision making processes.
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Promote womens participation in decision making by supporting ZNWL
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ZNWL preliminary analysis of the 2017 national budget

On 11th November 2016, Zambia’s Finance Minister, Mr. Felix Mutati, delivered to the National Assembly the 2017 budget. The Zambia National Women’s Lobby (ZNWL) in fulfilling its mandate of promoting the welfare of women, presents the following preliminary analysis of the 2017 budget.

The ZNWL notes that the 2017 budget has been tailored to economic recovery which will spur into motion both positive and negative effects. However, the ZNWL’s primary concern is how the anticipated measures for economic recovery will affect the women of Zambia who form the largest segment of the population and also account for the largest number of financially vulnerable citizens.

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Membership to the Zambia National Women’s Lobby is open to all women and gender sensitive men committed to Lobby and Advocate for Equal representation of women and girls in decision making positions at all levels. All you have to do is complete a membership form available at the secretariat on 7 Njoka road Olympia Park and pay a one-off subscription fee of ZMW 10.

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